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24.06.1821 – The Battle of Carabobo.

A victory of South American patriots over Spanish royalists during the Latin American Wars of Independence. It led to freeing Venezuela from Spanish control.

During the Latin American wars of independence, a victory won by South American patriots over Spanish royalists on the plains to the west of Caracas; it virtually freed Venezuela from Spanish control. Following the instructions of the recently installed liberal government in Spain, Gen. Pablo Morillo had signed an armistice with Simón Bolívar, commander of the revolutionary forces in northern South America, in November 1820. Subsequently, the patriots broke the terms of the agreement by moving against the royalist garrison on Lake Maracaibo. At Carabobo, Bolívar led his somewhat numerically superior army of about 6,500 troops, including volunteers from the British Isles, to victory over the Spaniards, commanded by General La Torre. Gen. José Antonio Páez and his llaneros (“plainsmen”) and the British and Irish volunteers routed the Spanish right wing while the patriot cavalry crushed their centre.
5.07 – National Day of Venezuela

Venezuelan independence was a legal-political process developed between 1810 and 1830 with an objective of breaking the colonial ties that existed between the Captaincy General of Venezuela and the Spanish empire. It also meant replacing the absolute monarchy with the republic as a form of government in Venezuela.

The Independence of Venezuela cause an armed conflict known as the Venezuelan War of Independence between pro-independence armies and royalists.

The 5th of July 1811, the day when Venezuelan independence was declared, is celebrated as its National Day.